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Surveying Services

Legal (Cadastral) Surveying

Cadastral Survey services provide an accurate and detailed determination of boundaries of parcels of land to simplify the process of conveyancing for the legal profession and members of the public.

Services Provided

  • Surveyor ‘s Real Property Reports (SRPR): As built surveys and location of existing structures in relation to the parcel boundaries to ensure conformity with existing municipal by-laws. Also serves to inform landowners of any issues that may impact upon their right to enjoyment of their property.
  • Boundary Surveys: Retracement of limits of existing boundaries or create new limits for residential, commercial and industrial projects.
  • Topographical Surveys: Detailed three-dimensional capture of ground data including natural and man-made features to aid in the land development process.
  • Tenancy Surveys: To obtain accurate determination of leaseable space and common areas for commercial tenancy
  • Layout and Construction Surveys: Surveys to provide sitings for building and other structures including horizontal and vertical control and profiles of existing site conditions.

Precision Survey Monitoring

Precision Survey Monitoring by way of Precision Total Stations provides valuable insight into the effects of construction on adjacent structures. Tham Surveying Ltd. offers precision survey monitoring services to the engineering and construction communities.

We provide the following survey monitoring services:

  • Vibration effect and analysis
  • Structure stability, recording and analysis
  • Settlement models for new and existing structures

Our high performance instrumentation:

    • Sokkia SDL1X First Order Digital Level
    • Precision Total Station – Leica TCA 1800

Our Precision Survey Monitoring portfolio includes projects such as the Hiwghway 407 Extension and Toronto-York-Spadina subway Expansion carried out for clients such as Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and FCC Canada Ltd/OHL.

Engineering & Geodetic Services

Provides a common system of reference to all land related projects so as to support the design, construction and maintenance of various size projects

Services Provided

  • Horizontal and Vertical Control: Provide services to design and implement horizontal and vertical control networks
  • Network Design: Design of optimum network configuration to ensure required accuracies
  • Construction Layout: To provide for project construction i.e. residential, commercial, municipal including road layouts.

Construction Layout

These services include a variety of engineering and construction services with deliverable available in both hard copy and digital formats.

Services Provided:

  • Highway construction
  • Control surveys
  • Structural layout and certification
  • Quantity calculation
  • Curb layout
  • Grading
  • Commercial and Subdivision
  • Quantity calculation
  • Grading
  • Curb layout
  • Road grades
  • As – Build certification
  • Engineering Related Services
  • Stockpile surveys and Quantity calculations
  • Topographical surveys
  • Cross sections
  • Other Services
  • Parking lot construction
  • Railway construction
  • Building construction
  • Excavation Quantity Control Surveys

Subdivision Survey Services

This service provides the developer with the knowledge of existing municipal issues, extent of the subject lands, and other issues to aid in the timely subdidision and marketing of these units.

Services Provided

  • Boundary Survey: Thorough research of the subject property both at the Registry Office and other available sources for pertinent information. Defining the existence and location of all easements, rights of way or encroachments. Provision of monumentation to confirm with existing standards and prepare first application reference plan consistent with the Land Titles Act or certification under the Certification of Titles Act as necessary.
  • Topographic Survey: provide a detail three – dimensional representation of the subject property to aid and in the efficient development of the property.
  • Draft Plan of Subdivision/Condominium: Creating a draft plan of subdivision consistent with client’s objectives and regulatory guidelines, or working in conjunctions with client’s developer.
  • Subdivision Compilation: Converting the draft plan into an accurate representation of all streets, lots, and blocks with regard to the Planning Act and municipal zoning requirements such as set back, area, frontage, and building envelope.
  • Subdivision Monumentation and Registration: Full mounumentation of all new parcels and expediting the process of Planning Act approval and registration of the plan of subdiviosn.

Consulting Services

We offer wide range of consulting services to clients in the land development industry.

Services Provided

  • Consulting regarding requirement for project development from initial to final stage.
  • Regarding application for part-lot control exemption
  • Regarding application for minor variance
  • Regarding Zoning constraints and representation at all municipal hearings pertaining to the development process.

Scanning & Monitoring Services

We deliver cutting-edge express LiDAR geomatics services by means of Terrestrial & Mobile systems. Our LiDAR service portfolio consist of Topography, Area Survey, Road, Slopes, Bridges, Utilities and Pavement.

We specialize in real-time monitoring, including Deformation Measurements for Tunnels, Bridges, Buildings, Dams, Railroads and Mine Sites. We also offer Scan to CAD, As Built 3D Models, Road Surveys, and  BIM(Building Information Modelling)








LiDAR technology captures massive amounts of 3D data in a fraction of time compared to traditional methods resulting in quick turnaround.


Reduced man-hours and time required on the field compared to traditional methods and provides unmatched cost efficiencies.

About Us


Tham Surveying Limited offers a full complete range of geomatics services in the land development field. A number of professional and technical personnel on staff guarantee the highest level of professional and service expertise in the field.

We offer professional consultation to the public and private sectors, to develop and execute a variety of land resource projects.


Surveying. Scanning & Monitoring. We offer professional consultation to the public and private sectors, to develop and execute a variety of land resource projects. We recognize the duty of care to our clients with regard to understanding their requirements and providing efficient and cost effective solutions.


We recognize and relish the duty of care owed to our clients with regard to understanding their requirement and providing efficient and cost effective solutions.



Tham Shanmugarajah

President & CEO

Tham Shanmugarajah O.L.S., P.Eng., O.L.I.P., is the President and C.E.O. of Tham Surveying Limited with responsibility for preparing Surveyor’s Real property reports, Housing and Industrial building layouts, Managing Highway Projects to produce Reference & Expropriation Plans and Crown Land Plans, Topographical & Engineering Surveys, calculate volumes, areas, prepare plans of profiles and sections for engineering design purpose and establishing vertical and horizontal control networks. He also serves as Project Manager for various Ministry of Transportation Projects across Ontario.

Tham's Bio

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Pierre Blouin

Operations Manager

Pierre is the Operations Manager at Tham Surveying Limited with responsibility for Housing, Industrial, Condominium layout, Legal surveys for mortgages and buildings locations Topographic surveys, Vertical and horizontal control establishment, Boundary Survey.

Prior to joining Tham Surveying Limited, Pierre worked as Senior Project Manager, Survey Technologist and Supply & Logistics Manager at Rady-Pentek Edward Surveying Limited. Notable is his 15 years of career profile there.

Pierre's Bio



Project Duration: 2 Months
Project Value: $25,000
Client: R.V. Anderson

Project Duration: 3 Years
Project Value: $1,300,000
Client: Elite Construction

Project Duration: 8 Months
Project Value: $100,000
Client: JMC Building Developments

Project Duration: 3 Years
Project Value: $65,000
Client: Maystar General Contractors

Project Duration: 3 Months
Project Value: $69,000
Client: MTO

Project Duration: 3 Months
Project Value: $69,000
Client: MTO

Project Duration: 1 Month
Project Value: $9,000
Client: Municipality of Peel / Jacques Whitford Consulting

Project Duration: 2 Months
Project Value: $10,000
Client: Varcon Construction

Project Duration: 3 Months
Project Value: $70,000
Client: MTO

Project Duration: 4 Months
Project Value: $30,000
Client: JMC Building Developments

Project Duration: 6 Months
Project Value: $15,650
Client: Town of Oakville

Project Duration: 1 Month
Project Value: $3,750
Client: Pellegrino Engineering

Project Duration: 3 Years
Project Value: On Going
Client: Country Day School


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