Jey’s Bio

Jey is the Project Surveyor at Tham Surveying Limited with responsibility for Roads, Sewers and Services layout, preparation of Site and Grading Plans, Check final surveys for compliance with zoning standards, calculate volumes and areas, prepare plan of profiles and sections for engineering design purposes, prepare Construction Surveys, constructing as-built drawings and produce reports for possible discrepancies and managing Highway projects, field data collection and monumentation.

He also serves as Field Manager and Health & Safety Representative for Tham Surveying Limited employees. Prior to this, Jey worked in senior positions at several companies, including Rady-Pentek & Edward Surveying Limited and Terraprobe Consulting. Notable is his 9 years as Project Surveyor for Rady-Pentek & Edward Surveying Limited.

He was a Project Surveyor for Toronto Standalone Water Main Project.

Jey earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo in 1996 and has been a Member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario since 2005.