Hari’s Bio

Hari is currently in his second year of the Bachelor of Geomatics program at the University of New Brunswick. His previous academic achievement includes two years of business studies at York University prior to switching to Geomatics.

He is very astute and has a great grasp of the surveying profession. Hari has steadily acquired field experience over the summer months and have been working in the field with his father from a very early age.

Most notable Hari has been involved in the remote surface monitoring of the tunnelling under Highway 407 at Jane Street for FCC\OHL and Toronto Transit Commission, as well as for the Toronto York Spadina subway extension at the Highway 407 station, he has also completed over 35 kilometres of traversing of highway 11, in the Rainy River District.

Recently Hari and his brother “Rocky” has developed a procedure for efficiently capturing and processing topographic data to minimize office involvement in the creation of the final topographic deliverable.

Hari has shown a very keen interest in succession at Tham Surveying Limited and the company is currently providing the required nurturing for both him and his younger sibling as they are expected to provide the necessary leadership and direction to the company as we chart a course for the future.