Michael’s Bio

He is the Drafting Supervisor and Plan Checker at Tham Surveying Limited with responsibility for Surveyor’s real property reports, Reference Plans, Expropriation Plans and Crown Land Plans (MTO), Topographical, site and Grading Plans, Site and calculate building locations for layout purposes, Land registry office searches and research other surveyor’s records.

He also performs the duties for Coordination of Drafting and Quality Control of office components including searches & researches for Ministry of Transportation Projects including the following:

  • 4004-E-0019 (Highway 15)
  • 5005-E-0005 (Huntsville)
  • 3006-E-0014 (Leamington)
  • 3006-E-0016 (Highway 77)
  • 3007-E-0018 (Highway 26)
  • 5007-E-0056 (Pickering)
  • 5008-E-0004 (Highway 69)
  • 3008-E-0052 (Windsor).

Mike earned his Civil Engineering Technology (Municipal Option) degree from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.