Tham’s Bio

Tham is the President and C.E.O. of Tham Surveying Limited with responsibility for preparing Surveyor’s Real property reports, Housing and Industrial building layouts, Managing Highway Projects to produce Reference & Expropriation Plans and Crown Land Plans, Topographical & Engineering Surveys, calculate volumes, areas, prepare plans of profiles and sections for engineering design purpose and establishing vertical and horizontal control networks. He also serves as Project Manager for various Ministry of Transportation Projects across Ontario.

Prior to this, Tham worked in a senior position at several companies, including Rady-Pentek & Edward Surveying Limited, Joseph Rady-Pentek Limted and Thurairajah Architects Associates Limited (Colombo, Srilanka). Notable is his 12 years as Project Surveyor for Rady-Pentek & Edward Surveying Limited.

Tham earned his Bachelor of Technology in Survey Engineering from Ryerson University in 1991 and completed the  followed Association of Ontario Land Surveyors legal and urban planning Courses at University of Toronto, Erindale Campus. He has been a Member of Ontario Land Surveyors / Ontario Land Information Professionals since 2001 and a Member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario since 2006.